Saturday, January 31, 2009

Daybook Entry

Outside my window...snow, lots and lots of snow!

I am thinking...this could be fun, but I really think it is sort of self-centered to think anyone would really want to read this...

I am thankful do I even begin!

From the learning room...we are keeping on track and really accomplishing a lot this year. I think I have found a good balance for Carter and Cooper and myself. I am loving combining the classical approach with some of Charlotte Mason's ideas. It seems to be comfortable for us all. Wow! Have we read a lot of great books!

From the kitchen...Zuppa Toscana (Olive Garden copy) - family favorite!

I am wearing...Blue workout pants and a white shirt. Just finished a 2 mile walk with Leslie Sansone.

I am creating...a mess - laundry day and I have piles all over that need their owners to put them away!

I am reading...The Tale of Despereaux with the boys and re-reading The Well Trained Mind. Carter is reading The Year of the Dog to me!

I am is 75 degrees and sunny tomorrow...ok, maybe that is dreaming!

I am hearing...the boys and dad playing a game.

I am praying...for my Aunt and cousin to get their heat back on...

Around the house...this place is a mess! Somebody really needs to get it cleaned up!

One of my favorite tea. I think I need to fire some up!

A few plans for the rest of the week...well, this is the last day of the week, so I guess I will get this laundry done and maybe do some cleaning...or play some games!

Here is a picture shot I am sharing...gonna have to do that later, no pictures loaded on my tiny computer!

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