Thursday, December 4, 2008

What We Have Been Up To!!

So...what have we been up to? Just the usual...

Homeschooling, visiting with friends, book club, co-op and today we had our Homeschool Christmas party. We had a great turnout - 37 kiddos and their moms. We made four different crafts and enjoyed some yummy food, fellowship and fun! My favorite part was watching the kids play with their old friends and welcome in new friends. It was like they had all known each other for years! I would show you pictures, but I did not take any. I actually had my camera with me, but I was too busy helping with my craft to get any pictures...oh, well!

I do have pictures from our last book club...we discussed "The Rough-Face Girl" - it is a Native American version of the Cinderella story. After the book discussion, we made a Native American craft...For next month, each child picked a different book - based on giving and each child is going to do a book report. I am really looking forward to hearing all of their reports!

I also have pictures from our last co-op. I taught the class this month; the topic was Japan. Thought it might be a good time to put that degree to work! We had it at my house this time because the library was booked. We learned all kinds of facts about Japan, learned to speak some Japanese, learned to write our names in Japanese, read a story about Japan, did some origami and ate some sushi. It was a fun day! you know...that is what we have been up to!

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